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Images: Open clusters

03-Aug-2020 18:05 ADT 03-Aug-2020 21:05 UTC

My primary temperature sensor died. The backup sensor currently reporting is in the sun and overreads on sunny days. I am hoping to get a new weather station soon.

Open clusters

All images copyright © 1997-2020 by Kathleen Walker
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NGC 869 and NGC 884, Perseus Double Cluster

NGC6604, Sh2-54 and the Nested Egg nebula

M45, Pleiades

NGC 7243 (Caldwell 16) Open Cluster

Sh2-54, NGC6604 and the Nested Egg nebula

IC 1805, Heart Nebula, and Melotte 15, open cluster

NGC 6946 (and NGC6939)

M45, The Pleiades

NGC 884 and NGC 869 (Perseus Double Cluster)

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