Helena Observatory,   North Alton, NS

3C 273 Quasar

01-Mar-2024 14:42 AST 01-Mar-2024 18:42 UTC

3C 273 Quasar, 25-May-2014

Scope: Orion 200mm Astrograph, f/4
Mount: HEQ5
Guiding: KWIQ/QHY5 / PHD
Imaging Camera: Atik 383L+
Frames: 2m0s frames, 15 Lum only
Total Exposure: 30m
Processing: PixInsight
Distance: 2.44 Gly
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I originally thought this would be the farthest object my equipment was ever likely to detect. Within days, however, I was able to do significantly better. See the image from 29 May and image from 22 June.