Hall's Harbour Observatory,   Hall's Harbour, NS

NGC2244, Rosette Nebula (NGC2237-NGC2246)

31-Jan-2023 09:30 AST 31-Jan-2023 13:30 UTC

NGC2244, Rosette Nebula (NGC2237-NGC2246), 29-Jan-2015

Scope: Orion 200mm Astrograph, f/4
Mount: HEQ5, CEM60
Guiding: KWIQ/QHY5 / PHD, PHD2
Imaging Camera: Canon 350D (modified) for RGB
ISO: 1600
Frames: 8 @ 300s for RGB
Imaging Camera: Atik 383L+ for Ha
Frames: 4 @ 900s for Ha
Total Exposure: 1h40ms
Processing: PixInsight
Distance: 5200 ly
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This uses the same RGB data as the 2011-11-25 image, with new Ha data added.