Hall's Harbour Observatory,   Hall's Harbour, NS

NGC 7331 and Stephan's Quintet

29-Nov-2020 19:00 AST 29-Nov-2020 23:00 UTC

NGC 7331 and Stephan's Quintet, 19-Sep-2020

Scope: Orion 200mm Astrograph, f/4
Mount: CEM60
Guiding: KWIQ/QHY5 / PHD2
Imaging Camera: Atik 383L+
Frames: 8 @ 600s Ha, 1x1; 8 @ 300s L, 1x1; 8 each 120s RGB, 2x2
Total Exposure: 2.8h
Processing: PixInsight
Distance: 39.8 Mly (7331 and 7320), 210-340 Mly (quint)
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NGC 7331 is the large galaxy at top. Stephan's Quintet is the tight group at bottom.
NGC 7320, the blue galaxy of the quintet is in the foreground relative to the other four.