Hall's Harbour Observatory,   Hall's Harbour, NS

Weather Station Info

26-Sep-2021 19:41 ADT 26-Sep-2021 22:41 UTC


The weather station is located in a 600 m2 clearing in second-growth forest. It is adjacent to the Hall's Harbour Observatory, which shares the same clearing.

The temperature and humidity instruments are in a Stevenson screen, 1.5m off the ground. The rain and solar instruments are on a post, also 1.5m above the ground. The wind instruments are mounted on a 4m tall guyed mast. The barometer is inside the observatory building.

Local Effects

The sun shades the weather station in the morning. From late morning to evening, the station gets full sun, except in midwinter. The wind instruments are at a lower elevation than the trees surrounding the clearing, so they are sheltered from the full effects of the wind.

Generally, temperature measurements are quite accurate. I see no evidence of undue solar heating of the Stevenson screen.

The solar instruments (total solar radiation and UV) do not get full sun in the morning, and are therefore seeing only the general sky light until the sun clears the trees. The UV instrument has a limited field of view, and only sees direct sunlight if the sun is 30 degrees or more above the horizon. There is a corresponding jump in the UV level when the sun clears this threshold.

Being 1 km inland from the coast, and surrounded by forest, the wind speed readings tend to be lower than they would be in a more exposed location. The wind is gustier in the clearing. Wind direction readings are not (as of 2016-05-16) online yet, but are expected to be more variable than they would be in an open area.


The weather station uses Davis Vantage Pro 2 hardware.

Weather data recording began at the Hall's Harbour site on 2016-01-01. It was upgraded to the present configuration in 2021-09.