Hall's Harbour Observatory,   Hall's Harbour, NS

Weather Station Info

28-Mar-2023 06:18 ADT 28-Mar-2023 09:18 UTC


The weather station is located in a 600 m2 clearing in second-growth forest. It is adjacent to the Hall's Harbour Observatory, which shares the same clearing.

The majority of the instruments are in the integrated station unit, mounted on a mast, at 1.5 metres above the ground. The wind speed and direction sensors are at the top of the mast, 4.25 metres above the ground.

Local Effects

The sun shades the weather station in the morning. From late morning to evening, the station gets full sun, except in midwinter. The wind instruments are at a lower elevation than the trees surrounding the clearing, so they are sheltered from the full effects of the wind. I estimate that the wind in an exposed field would be about twice the speed that I measure in the clearing.

Being 1 km inland from the coast, we get slightly less fog. We are 89 metres above sea level, so the temperature tends to be slightly higher than at the beach.

Our weather is influenced by being on the north slope of North Mountain: summer temperatures tend to be cooler here than in the Annapolis Valley. We can get more or less precipitation than the Valley, depending on whether the wind direction puts us on the windward or leeward side of the mountain.


The weather station uses Davis Vantage Pro 2 hardware.

Weather data recording began at the Hall's Harbour site on 2016-01-01, using a different set of instruments. It was upgraded to the present configuration in 2021-09, after multiple failures of the old instruments